Ethics Panel: Paterson Broke Law By Accepting Free World Series Tickets


As his administration crumbles around him in an abuse of power scandal related to an aide’s domestic violence case, New York Gov. David Paterson now faces new charges that he broke state law by soliciting and receiving free tickets to the opening game of the World Series last year, and then lying about it.

The New York State Commission on Public Integrity found in a report that Paterson got primo tickets — for seats behind home plate, with a face value of $425 each — for himself, his son, and a son’s friend, in violation of a state gift ban.The ethics commission also found “reasonable cause to believe” that Paterson falsely testified under oath that he always intended to pay for the tickets of his son and the son’s friend. In fact, he allegedly wrote a backdated check for $850 to the Yankees only after a press inquiry on the matter.

The case has been referred to the Albany County DA and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who is already investigating Paterson’s role allegedly intervening in a top aide’s domestic violence case.

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