Daily Show: WikiLeaks Founder A Cross Between Osama Bin Laden And Magneto (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart last night opened his program by focusing on the ongoing coverage of WikiLeaks’ release of secret State Department cables, and addressed Rep. Peter King’s (R-NY) call for WikiLeaks to be declared a terrorist organization.

Clearly, Jon Stewart said, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is “Osama bin Laden, crossed with Magneto, and the albino from the matrix with more than a scootch of the Dyson vacuum guy.”Stewart went on to lampoon the global response to the leaked cables, including Italy’s foreign minister Franco Frattini calling the event a “diplomatic 9/11.”

“If this is the diplomatic 9/11, sack up,” Stewart said. “I’ll give you it’s diplomatic mischief night … maybe. But most of the shit in there is non-policy chit chat and things we already knew.”

For full coverage of the leaked cables, read our live-updating WikiLeaks Wire.


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