DSCC Chair Won’t Discuss Greene Mystery, Says It’s State Party Matter

The chairman of the Senate Democrats’ campaign arm would say little about allegations surrounding Alvin Greene’s mysterious Senate candidacy in South Carolina, telling reporters today it is a matter for the state party to handle.

Asked by TPM about Greene and the South Carolina Democrats’ call for him to step aside at a briefing today, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) put both hands out in protest. He dodged several questions about charges from Rep. James Clyburn and the state party that Greene may not be a legitimate candidate, saying the “appropriate officials” are looking into it. He wouldn’t answer a TPM question about whether he supports the state party, which is calling for Greene to step aside despite winning the primary Tuesday night.

The bottom line is that Democrats recognize it’s not going to be a competitive race to challenge Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), regardless of the candidate chosen as his rival. Menendez said the party is “not engaged there” and that it is “not a place that I am focused on.”

“I will allow the South Carolina Democratic Party and Congressman Clyburn, who I serve with and I know can be tenacious, to continue to pursue it and we will look at,” Menendez said.