DIY Bin Laden Hunter Now Wants To Bring Death From Above

If at first you don’t succeed at killing Osama bin Laden (armed with a pistol, sword, Christian literature and night-vision goggles), try, try again.

Gary Brooks Faulkner, who was captured in Pakistan in June while on a solo mission to whack bin Laden, says he’s not giving up. He plans to go back to Pakistan, to finish what he started.In an interview with The Denver Post, Faulkner says he’ll change up the play this time. Instead of traveling to Pakistan by conventional means, he’ll use some kind of craft — maybe a balloon, maybe a glider, he’s open to suggestions — to drop in on bin Laden undetected.

“They are looking for me to come in low, but I’m coming in from above,” he said. “I’ll talk to anyone that has some sort of experimental craft. The job is not done. And I’m not going in as an American. I’m going in as a thief.”

Faulkner, who gets dialysis treatments three times a week, lives with friends, and derives his income from $485 a month in welfare benefits, says he’s using his Facebook page to solicit funds for his next trip. The Post reports Faulkner says he’s stronger than ever “thanks to exercise and a diet high in protein,” and that he has been encouraged by public support for his mission.

“For me, the only thing on my mind is finishing the job,” he said.

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