Did FBI Fail To Act On Roeder Tip?

Did a failure of law enforcement help lead to the murder of Kansas doctor George Tiller?

Earlier today we told you about evidence that the FBI may have failed to follow up on a tip it got about Scott Roeder, who this afternoon was charged with Tiller’s killing. CNN reported that, just a day before Tiller was slain, a worker at a Kansas abortion clinic had seen Roeder trying to tamper with the building’s locks, and reported the incident to the Feds. He said he was told in response that the bureau couldn’t do anything unless a grand jury was convened.That answer struck us as curious — and it looks like the FBI isn’t keen to stand by it. A bureau spokeswoman has now told the Kansas City Star:

When we are notified when vandalism occurs at a clinic, we look into the matter, but we’re not going to comment on anything regarding that incident.

Not exactly a clear signal that the FBI did all it could…