Cookie Krongard, In His Own Hand

When you talk to your brother on the phone, you take notes, right? Well, Howard “Cookie” Krongard does.

As we mentioned, Cookie’s criminal attorney Barbara van Gelder sent Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) his notes of what brother Buzzy Krongard told him about Buzzy’s relationship with Blackwater. We’ve added Cookie’s notes to our document collection (read them here), along with van Gelder’s request that Waxman stop investigating her client (read that here).

I, for one, envy Cookie’s handwriting. Line one: Buzzy has “NO financial interest whatever” in Blackwater. Paragraph three: “Was on short list for Advisory Board position but is not taking it.” That, of course, contradicts what Buzzy Krongard told me and Waxman and anyone else who’ll listen. We’ll see what he has to say about his brother’s notes.