Colbert: Arizona Needs To Assert Its Sovereignty On All Sorts Of Things

Stephen Colbert on Tuesday welcomed only “some” viewers to the program. Those not welcome? “Los illegales,” he said. “Which is, of course, Spanish for Mexican.”

Colbert called the Supreme Court’s Arizona immigration law ruling a “disaster.” The court struck down most of the law, but left in place its controversial “show me your papers” provision.“We must must return to our founders’ dream of every state deciding who it could turn away at its border,” Colbert said. “Fifty states, 50 immigration policies. Every state gets its own bird, right? If Georgia can say ‘yes’ to the Brown Trasher, why can’t South Carolina say ‘no’ to the brown Guatemalan?”

Colbert then listed all the other things Arizona should have control over as a sovereign state. It’s a long list.

Watch the video:

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Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona Immigration Policy
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