City of Wasilla Document Dump Muckraking Thread

If you think you’re hearing a lot about Sarah Palin, just imagine the poor folks over at the Wasilla City Hall, which must be why they set up a one-stop-shop for documents relating to their former mayor on their webpage.

We’re looking through them now, but we’d love your help in raking. We’ve set up this thread for you to post to for items you find interesting. There are over a dozen documents, so in order to keep them straight we’ve devised a simple shorthand. To let us know which document you’re referring to or quoting from, use the capital letters of the title of the document and the year (if there is one), and then the page number.

So a quote from page 6 of the “Certified Annual Financial Report — FY2000” would be : CAFR2000:6.

The documents are here, good luck raking!