Cheney: Ad That Calls DOJers Terrorist Sympathizers Does Not Question Their Loyalty

Via Think Progress: Liz Cheney argued today that the attack ad put out by her group Keep America Safe, which dubs Justice Department lawyers who represented Gitmo detainees “the Al Qaeda Seven,” does not “question anybody’s loyalty.”

The Cheney ad also asks of the DOJ lawyers, “Whose values do they share?” while flashing a picture of Osama bin Laden.Here’s the audio of Cheney’s comments on Washington Times radio today that the ad “actually … doesn’t question anybody’s loyalty”:

Meanwhile, the ad has been denounced by the American Bar Association, a former adviser to Condi Rice, and a former Bush DOJ.

It’s also worth noting that other lawyers who have represented detainees include a member of Rudy Giuliani’s firm, and at least three lawyers hired by the Bush Administration.

Meanwhile, CNN tonight tackled the story, explicitly framing it as a debate about whether Justice Department lawyers are disloyal. A CNN chyron also mused, “Dept. of Jihad?”

So you can judge for yourself, here’s the ad that Cheney maintains questions no one’s loyalty: