CA GOP Candidate Polygagmous, Abusive Deadbeat?

The San Diego Union Tribune reports that GOP Congressional candidate Jim Galley has some skeletons in his closet:

Republican Jim Galley, who is running for Congress as a “pro-traditional family” candidate, was married to two women at the same time, defaulted on his child support payments and has been accused of abuse by one of his ex-wives….

Galley married his second wife, Beth, in 1982 when, unbeknownst to her, he was still married to his first wife, Terry. Beth and Galley divorced in 1990 after she sought a restraining order alleging abuse.

The child support was owed to his first wife….

And here’s the explanation:

Galley said the contemporaneous marriages were a mistake because he thought his first divorce had been completed. He said the child support default was only for a few months and that the abuse allegation was made only to get him out of the house.

A restraining order to “get him out of the house?” I guess that’s what you’d call passive aggressive.

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