Blago Signs Autographs, Rides Batmobile, At Chicago Comic Con

Mandatory Credit: C.M. Wiggins/W

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na — BLAGO!

Fresh off being found guilty of lying to the FBI — after the jury couldn’t reach agreement on 23 other counts in his corruption trial — former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich appeared alongside other cartoonish heros and villains Saturday at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con.At the event, Blagojevich signed autographs and posed for pictures ($50 and $80 a pop, respectively). The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Blagojevich did not receive an appearance fee, but his $50 autograph fee was more than Deep Space 9 commander Avery Brooks was charging (though well short of the $75 per-scrawl fee commanded by William Shatner).

When not making dreams come true for his many fans (including one with a Blagojevich tattoo on his thigh), Blagojevich found time to take a picture with one-time Batman star Adam West:


“It was a total surprise,” West told the Sun-Times. “I had no idea he’d be here.”

Blagojevich also apparently posed with some “Suicide Girls,” representatives from a website that “celebrates ALTERNATIVE BEAUTY” with naked pictures of girls with tattoos:


Not everyone at the event was happy to see Blagojevich, however. The Sun-Times interviewed, Larry Arroyo, dressed as DC Comics character the Shade, who said he had booed the former governor.

To make things worse, Arroyo said of Blago’s autograph fee: “He’s charging more than Shaft.”