Second Christie Pal Invokes Fifth Amendment Rights


Bill Stepien, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) former campaign manager, on Friday became the second Christie ally to invoke his 5th Amendment rights in response to the investigation of the George Washington Bridge lane closures.

In a letter to the special counsel working with state lawmakers investigating the closures, Stepien’s attorney argued that the subpoena served to his client violated his constitutional rights, and requested that it be withdrawn.

“Bill Stepien has not broken any laws,” attorney Kevin Marino wrote in the letter. “Under the circumstances, Mr. Stepien simply has no choice but to invoke the constitutional and common law rights guaranteed to all persons – including, most critically, those innocent of any crime. For these reasons, amplified below, we object to the Subpoena in its entirety, and respectfully urge the Committee to withdraw it.”

Stepien was among a number of Christie allies who were subpoenaed earlier this month by state lawmakers, who asked for documents related to the lane closures. The subpoenas were all returnable Feb. 3.

Following the release of a first round of subpoenaed documents related to the lane closures, Christie asked Stepien to leave his role as a consultant to the Republican Governors’ Association, and to take his name out of the running for chairman of New Jersey’s Republican Party.

Read Marino’s letter:

Letter From Bill Stepien’s Lawyer To NJ Bridge Committee