Bidding Underway As Feds Auction Off The Unabomber’s Stuff

The biggest happening on the U.S. General Services Administration’s auctions website right now has to be the sale of numerous items that once belonged to Theodore J. Kaczynski, better known as “The Unabomber.” Per a court order, the government is selling off Kaczynski’s stuff as part of the effort to pay off $15 million in restitution owed to his victims and their families.The auction began May 18 and runs through June 2. In all, 58 items are available, ranging from documents to the actual sunglasses and hooded sweatshirt worn by Kaczynski and made famous by a police sketch (current bid: $5,025).

As of press time, bidding on a handwritten draft of Kaczynski’s “Unabom Manifesto” is up to $12,025, perhaps a little pricey for your everyday Unabomber enthusiast. At $2,225, a batch of documents including birth certificates, drivers licenses and a social security card offers much better value.

A King James bible (current bid: $326) with a blue cover features passages underlined by Kaczynski with blue pen, while Lot 51 will net someone Kaczynski’s “vast” collection of paperbacks. Another item, an handwritten list of names of various individuals, is at $325.

Items are sold as is, the government notes, and no refunds will be issued. Browse the items yourself here.