Another Hilton Lie? Work Of Art He Claimed Was His Own Bears Sticker Of LA Furniture Store

Perhaps we didn’t give American Police Force chief Michael Hilton enough credit earlier this week when we reported on his excuse for not handing over works of art to help pay off a hefty fraud judgment in California. Now Hilton, who has admitted the APF deal in Hardin, Montana, was bogus, has allowed a courier for one of his victims to take the art from his Santa Barbara home.

But, as the Billings Gazette reports, Hilton’s description of the works, which he claims are his only assets and include a rendering of Mother Theresa, was false:

One piece, which Hilton described under oath Oct. 30 as a portrait by his own hand, turned out to be a framed poster of Catalina Island bearing a sticker from a popular Los Angeles furniture store. [emphasis ours]

So no Hilton self-portrait. And it’s not clear if the Mother Theresa portrait is by Hilton, as he earlier claimed.

He owes a total of $1.1 million for fraud judgments in California.

To see the rest of the art, check out this report from KULR in Montana: