Amish Haircutting Mob Now Under Investigation By The FBI

Federal officials are investigating a wave of hair-cutting attacks by members of the Amish community in Ohio, CNN reports.FBI spokeswoman Vicki Anderson confirmed to CNN that the FBI is investigating the attacks, which led to the arrest of five members of the Bergholz clan, a breakaway Amish gang.

According to officials, in a series of six incidents, members of the clan would break into the homes of mainstream Amish, and cut off their hair and beards, which are symbols of faith in the Amish community. The men were charged with aggravated burglary and kidnapping.

The Bergholz clan is headed by Sam Mullet, who is also the father of three of the five men who were arrested. Mullet is known for being a harsh ruler, and has been accused of running his clan like a cult. The attacks were reportedly a retaliation by his followers for his excommunication.