Alvin Greene Did Not File Forms With FEC

One of the enduring mysteries of the Alvin Greene Senate candidacy down in South Carolina is that Greene, an unemployed veteran who registered his candidacy with the Democratic party in March, never filed any paperwork with the Federal Election Commission.

But sometime in the last three or four days, Greene’s name did show up on the FEC database — but not because he had filed a statement of organization for a campaign committee, as federal candidates typically do. (Greene apparently raised no money for his successful primary bid.)While the page with Greene’s name says it may be appearing “as a result of draft committees or independent expenditure committees registering with the FEC,” commission spokesman Christian Hilland tells TPMmuckraker that the page is likely the result of the South Carolina secretary of state’s office providing the commission with a list of names that appeared on the ballot — not any spending on behalf of Greene.

There are no contributions to Greene listed. A Dem operative familiar with the race tells TPMmuckraker that the FEC page appeared sometime since Saturday.

Hilland also said that candidates are required to file a statement of candidacy (see here) within 15 days of spending more than $5,000 on a campaign. Greene did pay a $10,400 filing fee with the state Democratic party — but Hilland says that filing fee does not apply toward the $5,000 registration.

Greene’s opponent, former state legislator Vic Rawl, did make routine filings with the FEC, which you can see here.

Greene’s candidacy is so strange that Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) today dubbed him a “plant” and called for an investigation. And details of the felony obscenity charge against Greene last year continue to trickle out.

None of that is stopping Greene from reveling in the media spotlight. He gave several interviews with South Carolina TV stations last night.

(This story has been updated with comment from the FEC.)