Allen Stanford Tries To Send Bank On Document Fishing Expedition

Texas billionare Allen Stanford, on trial for allegedly orchestrating an $8 billion international ponzi scheme, has sent a Louisiana bank on an “impermissible fishing expedition”—and the bank is refusing.

According to court filings, Stanford faxed Whitney Bank a subpoena two weeks ago, summoning them to testify at his criminal trial, and bring with them an “overbroad” list of documents.

The fax reads:

“To bring: Any and all bank records, account records, documents, papers, memorandum, electronic or otherwise, including but not limited to, checking accounts or any other bank relationships related to Robert Allen Stanford or any of the Stanford entities from the inception of your relationship until the present or end of your professional relationship.”

The fax does not specify a time or place for the bank to appear, but rather demands that Whitney appear “INSTANTER,” legal jargon meaning the same day or within 24 hours from the time of the request.

The bank’s motion to quash the subpoena calls it an “unreasonable and oppressive request for irrelevant documents.”

Stanford, who has been addicted to prescription drugs, switched his lawyers several times, and sued justice department officials during the course of his trial, was ruled incompetent to stand trial by a federal judge in January.