Alito Refers Taitz Appeal To Entire Supreme Court

Birther queen Orly Taitz has spent the better part of a year fighting a $20,000 fine slapped on her by a federal judge for filing frivilous birther lawsuits contesting President Obama’s elibility to hold the office. A few weeks ago, she applied to the Supreme Court to reverse the fine.

When Justice Clarence Thomas denied her application, she vowed to apply to each of the other justices in turn. The next justice she applied to was Samuel Alito, who has now referred the matter to the to the entire court.We don’t know what the Supreme Court will do. It’s a strange case — as the Ledger-Enquirer, which has been following the case, pointed out, the way to appeal to the Supreme Court is via a formal writ of certiorari, not an application to stay.

Taitz is doing whatever she can to fight the fine. She’s gone so far as to ask Chief Justice John Roberts to verify that it is really Thomas’ signature on his denial.