Zara To Israeli Customers: Offensive Baby Shirt To Be ‘Exterminated’

Spanish clothing retailer Zara made another blunder Wednesday while pulling a baby T-shirt resembling a concentration camp uniform from its international web stores.

Zara had put out a statement apologizing for the resemblance and explaining that the shirt’s design, which featured white-and-blue horizontal stripes and a yellow sheriff’s star, was inspired by classic Western films. The retailer’s Israeli office went a step further and assured that the T-shirt would be “exterminated.”

“The item does not exist in Israel and as soon as the issue became clear, it was decided the product will be removed from shelves across the world and exterminated,” a separate statement from the Israeli office read, as quoted by 972 Magazine.

The Hebrew word used in the statement was the exact same word used to describe “Nazi genocidal practices,” writer Dimi Reider explained.

Screenshot via Haaretz