Wisc. Rep. Pulls Child Support Bill Drafted With Help Of GOP Donor

Wisconsin state Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R) on Tuesday said that he will pull the controversial child support bill that he drafted with the help of a wealthy GOP donor.

“While I am frustrated by the amount of misinformation the bill has encountered, I believe a fair and equitable child support system, one that fundamentally recognizes the value of both parents in the upbringing of a child, is an important issue and one that warrants serious conversation,” he said in a statement.

Documents revealed that GOP donor Michael Eisenga helped Kleefisch draft legislation that would put a cap on how much high earners pay in child support.

The bill set the maximum at $150,000 per year. Eisenga paid $216,000 annually for his three children.

Kleefisch admitted that he communicated with Eisenga about the legislation, but denied that the provision would have helped the Eisenga, who contributed the maximum amount to Kleefisch’s campaign.

“I’m certain the bill would not affect Mr. Eisenga in any way because it’s not retroactive,” Kleefisch told the Wisconsin State Journal Saturday.

However multiple provisions in the legislation would have helped Eisenga to lower future payments for his children.

Kleefisch on Tuesday said that while he is pulling the legislation now, he will continue to work on child support issues.

“I have worked on this issue for a long time and I am hopeful that those who truly care about healthy family units will join me in the search for an equitable solution,” he said in the statement.

[H/t Wisconsin State Journal]