Weiner Aide On ‘Slutbag’ Incident: ‘Not My Best Day Yesterday’

Anthony Weiner’s Communications Director Barbara Morgan is ponying up to the “Swear Jar.”

Morgan used her Twitter page to craft a mea culpa for her curse-filled rant Tuesday in which she referred to a former intern who wrote unflattering stories about the Weiner campaign as a “slut bag,” “cunt,” and “twat,” among other terms.

“Not my best day yesterday. Should’ve known better, been better. Gotta pay up,” Morgan wrote alongside a picture of a “Swear Jar” stuffed with large denomination dollar bills and credit cards.

Morgan also has said she apologized to the intern, Olivia Nuzzi, for her comments. Nuzzi wrote on her own Twitter page Wednesday that she accepted Morgan’s apology.

See Morgan’s Tweet below: