Website Of MA Senate Candidate Lifts From A 2012 Campaign

The campaign manager for Michael Sullivan, a Republican hoping to win John Kerry’s Senate seat in the Massachusetts special election, used text from the website of former client Richard Tisei in making Sullivan’s site, the Boston Globe reported Tuesday. The result is that Sullivan has essentially the same “Issues” page as did Tisei, who ran an unsuccessful campaign for Congress in 2012. 

Both pages were drafted by Paul Moore, who was Tisei’s campaign manager in the House race and is now Sullivan’s campaign manager for the Senate special election. Moore acknowledged that he cut and pasted the text of the Tisei statements, then tweaked them with some editing and a smattering of new sentences for Sullivan, because of time and resource constraints in a fast-moving race…


Sullivan’s eight-sentence statement on Iran and Israel was the same as Tisei’s, including this line: “After traveling to Israel several years ago, I’ve seen firsthand how truly precarious is her mere existence.”


Moore called it an oversight and said the statement was intended as a “placeholder.” By Monday evening, that had changed, and the statement had become a blend of sentences from Tisei’s page combined with some new language.