Even A Washington Redskins Player Thinks Team ‘Probably Should’ Change Name


A player who’s been with the Washington Redskins since 2008 thinks the team “probably should” change its racially charged name.

What’s more, DeAngelo Hall said he believes a name change is inevitable.

“I think eventually they will change it,” Hall said during a Thursday morning radio interview, according to the Washington Post.

The Pro Bowl cornerback then offered his own take on the issue.

“They probably should,” he said. “But they won’t for a while at least.”

The team’s name has been the subject of high-profile criticism. Ten members of Congress sent a letter to Redskins owner Daniel Snyder and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell last year calling for a name change, and President Obama said last fall that he’d consider a change.

But Snyder, who’s owned the Redskins since 1999, has said he has no plans to change the team’s name.

h/t ThinkProgress