Warren Hits Richard Burr: He’s ‘Like A Puppy On A Leash’ With Trump


During a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Tuesday evening, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-A) went after Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), who is engaged in a tough re-election fight against Democratic challenger Deborah Ross.

Warren tied Burr to Trump, just a few days after the North Carolina senator assured supporters at a rally that there’s “not a separation between me and Donald Trump.”

Warren listed insults Trump has used on the campaign trail, including calling Mexicans “rapists” and attacking a Gold Star Family, emphasizing that Burr “fully supports” Trump.

“Trump calls women fat pigs and bimbos and brags about sexually assaulting women, and Richard Burr is like a puppy on a leash, sticking right there with Donald Trump,” she said. “If Richard Burr is just going to be Donald Trump’s lap dog, then let him go off and do that. But the people of North Carolina need a strong, independent voice to fight for the families of North Carolina. And that is Deborah Ross.”

Warren also referenced the third debate when Trump called Clinton a “nasty woman,” and turned the comment on its head.

“According to Donald Trump, a woman who fights back is a nasty woman,” she said. “Women have had it with guys like Donald Trump and Richard Burr. And nasty women have really had it with guys like Donald Trump and Richard Burr.”

“Nasty women are tough, nasty women are smart, and nasty women vote,” she added.