Jarring Videos Show Destruction Wrought By Quake In Central Mexico

Rebecca Blackwell/AP

A magnitude 7.1 earthquake jolted central Mexico on Tuesday, killing at least 55 people, according to The Associated Press. It came less than two weeks after the country’s southern region suffered another quake that killed at least 90 people.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the earthquake was centered near the town of Raboso in Puebla state, located about 76 miles southeast of Mexico City.

Videos taken during the tremor show buildings collapsing into dust in parts of Mexico City and surrounding areas. Thousands fled buildings and poured onto the streets as the quake hit the region.

From homes to businesses, the powerful earthquake also caused panic indoors as buildings shook violently:

The power of the quake could even be felt in the water:

After dust from collapsed buildings began settling, stunned onlookers surveyed the rubble left behind:

Tuesday’s quake occurred on the anniversary of a deadly, 8.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Mexico City in 1985. Much of the capital is built on former lakebed, which means that the soil can amplify the effects of earthquakes centered hundreds of miles away.