Union Launches National Response To Arizona’s Labor Bills

A major union launched the first national response on Friday to a sweeping series of bills in the Arizona state Senate that could devastate organized labor there.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) created a website called “Razing Arizona” that asked their supporters and members to sign an open letter protesting the measures.

“To the lawmakers, governors, policy-wonks, and corporate backers who are dead set on destroying unions in America,” the letter says, “Your latest attempt to dismantle workers’ rights in Arizona will not go unnoticed.”

The website also carried a video that featured a clip from Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s disasterous 2010 debate in which she froze for 13 seconds during her opening remarks.

The group linked Brewer to the bills despite the governor saying she was never consulted on them.