Damage Control: Trump Releases Video Of Students Praising Trump U

Donald Trump’s campaign released a new video Wednesday full of testimonials from former Trump University students after court documents showed even a former employee of the school believed the program was a “fraudulent scheme.”

The latest video from Trump’s campaign features the stories of three Trump University students who say they had positive experiences with the for-profit program, which promised to help ordinary people become real estate investors.

“We never felt pressured to do anything we didn’t want to do. We never felt pressured to go in a direction we didn’t want to go, sign anything we didn’t want to sign, pay for anything we didn’t want to pay for. It was truly just offered,” said Michelle Gunn who is identified in the video as an entrepreneur and real estate investor.

The testimonials come as court documents released Tuesday in a class action lawsuit alleged Trump University officials often pressured individuals into signing up for the $35,000 program even when it was obvious the decision was a financial hardship.

Trump University has widely been seen as a kind of scheme, but in the video Gunn says the only reason other people were not successful is that they did not try hard enough.

“I see in here that there are former Trump University students coming out,” Gunn said. “I have to sit back and think to myself if they were given the same information, the same education, the same opportunity, how come they didn’t have the same results? I think that is because you have to take action upon yourself. You have to go out and make it happen and apply that.”