Trump Reposts Rosie O’Donnell To Bolster Case For Firing FBI Director

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President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter Thursday to Rosie O’Donnell, a frequent target of his attacks, saying the pair finally agreed on something: firing James Comey.

O’Donnell wrote her tweet — in December 2016 — in response to a tweet from the press secretary for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, Brian Fallon. He wrote on Dec. 20 that Comey’s announcement that the FBI was re-opening its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, which eventually failed to change his prior conclusions about the investigation, “was as utterly unjustified as we suspected at time.”

Trump frequently antagonized O’Donnell during the presidential campaign.

However, Trump openly praised the same event — Comey’s re-opening of the Clinton email investigation just before Election Day — that prompted O’Donnell to call for Comey’s firing before Trump began his presidency.

And various anonymously sourced reports now indicate that Trump’s frustration with the investigation of his campaign’s possible coordination with Russia, not the Clinton email investigation, prompted Comey’s ouster.

The eagle-eyed Brandon Wall, who works for BuzzFeed, pointed out that O’Donnell’s tweet was posted to the group dedicated to Trump on the popular message board website Reddit around 20 minutes before Trump’s tweet.

O’Donnell seemed to respond to Trump around 30 minutes after his tweet: