Trump On Travel Ban Ruling: It’s ‘Pretty Much The Final Word’

AFP/Getty Images

President Donald Trump on Tuesday reacted to news that the Supreme Court voted to uphold a third, diluted version of his travel ban, calling the ruling the “final word,” despite his initial irritation with the more muted measure.

Proclaiming it a “big victory for our country,” Trump answered a reporter’s questions on whether the decision was “final.” He said it was “pretty much” final and claimed that the administration was just “waiting” for the Supreme Court to make a decision, despite being forced by federal courts to change the executive order several times after facing a slew of legal challenges.   

“Well I think it is pretty much the final word, it’s the Supreme Court, ya know?” he said. “We went up, we’d win it, we’d lose it, we just waited for the Supreme Court, so yeah, that’s the final word, that’s Supreme Court.

“Now, do I want to go in with a different one, maybe a different variety? I don’t think there’s any reason,” he continued. “That’s a very strong victory.”

The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled to uphold a thinner version of Trump’s original travel ban. The current iteration bans immigrants and refugees from Libya, Iran, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, Venezuela and Chad.