Trump’s Reelect Campaign Spent $1.2 Million On Legal Fees So Far This Year

Robert Alexander/Archive Photos

President Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign has spent $1.2 million on legal fees so far this year, according to a Sunday Buzzfeed News report.

The numbers come from the most recent FEC filings and include payment to firms Harder LLP and Larocca, Hornik, Rosen, Greenberg & Blaha, both of which are reportedly involved in Trump’s legal battle with Stormy Daniels.

The campaign has also doled out money to Trump-owned enterprises, including $5,500 to the Trump Corporation and $275,000 to Trump properties like the Trump International Hotel in DC and Trump Doral Golf Resort in Florida.

Per Buzzfeed, the campaign raised $8.4 million and spent $3.6 million between April and July. The campaign reportedly has $33.1 million in its warchest. This figure grows significantly when including the two Trump-aligned committees.