Reports: Trump’s Personal Pilot Under Consideration To Lead The FAA

Andrew Milligan - PA Images/PA Images

President Donald Trump’s personal pilot, John Dunkin, is being considered to lead the Federal Aviation Administration, according to reports from Axios and the Washington Post.

Axios first reported Sunday evening that Trump has told officials in his administration that he wants Dunkin (pictured above on the left) to run the FAA and that Dunkin has interviewed for the job, citing a senior administration official.

Later on Sunday, the Washington Post confirmed that Dunkin is “in the mix” for the post leading the FAA and that Dunkin has talked to the administration about the position, citing a White House official. The official told the Washington Post that Trump is not “putting his thumb on the scale in the selection process.”

Dunkin flew Trump’s plane during the campaign, but the senior administration official told Axios that Dunkin is under consideration because of his experience managing “airline and corporate flight departments” and certifying airplanes under FAA regulations.