Trump Reportedly Made Top Aide Fetch Him McDonald’s Instead Of WH Burger

Andrew Harnik/AP

President Donald Trump has brought his love of fast food into the White House.

Trump asked Keith Schiller, his former body man, to get him a meal from the local McDonald’s when the kitchen in the White House was unable to make a burger and fried apple pie to his liking, according to a Politico report out Monday night.

Schiller, a longtime confidante who left the White House in September, acted as a gatekeeper for Trump in the West Wing. While working in the White House, he was often the first person to see Trump in the morning and last to see him at night, insiders told Politico. He also hand-delivered a Trump’s termination letter for former FBI Director James Comey to the bureau’s headquarters. Comey was in California at the time and learned of the firing on TV.

Schiller will sit for an interview with the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, where he will face questions about a 2013 trip to Moscow. Schiller accompanied Trump to Moscow in 2013 for the Miss Universe Pageant while he was the director of security for the Trump Organization. The committee will reportedly ask Schiller about the dossier alleging ties between Trump and Russia — the dossier claims that Russia obtained compromising information about Trump during that 2013 trip.

Correction: This post originally reported that Schiller delivered Trump’s termination letter to Comey. Schiller delivered the letter to the FBI headquarters, but Comey was in California at the time.