Trump Tweets Gibberish At Midnight, World Reacts

Molly Riley/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

President Donald Trump on Wednesday tried to play off what appeared to have been his accidentally tweeting gibberish, quoting the gibberish in question and asking readers to interpret its meaning.

The website Politwoops, ProPublica’s tool for tracking politicians’ deleted tweets, archived the original message, posted just after midnight.

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” Trump wrote. He deleted the tweet hours later.

Perhaps the President meant to write “coverage,” before falling asleep, as many speculated in the dark of night.

As of Wednesday morning, Trump’s correction tweet had garnered more “likes” and “retweets” than many seemingly more consequential issues of the day, also the subjects of Wednesday morning Presidential tweets: One-time foreign policy adviser Carter Page’s cooperation in the congressional investigations into Russian election interference; the United States’ participation in the Paris climate accord; Senate Republicans’ effort to pass a health care bill; and the comedian Kathy Griffin’s use of the President’s bloodied head as a prop in a photo shoot.