Trump Says He Was ‘Very Honored’ By Clintons’ Attendance At Inauguration


During a luncheon with members of Congress on Friday after his inauguration, President Donald Trump thanked the woman he’d said on the campaign trail deserved to be jailed for attending the ceremony.

“You know, I’ll tell you, there is something that I wanted to say, because I was very honored, very, very honored, when I heard that President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton was coming today,” he said in his off-the-cuff remarks.

The Clintons were in attendance at the luncheon and at his swearing-in ceremony earlier that morning.

“And I’d like you to stand up,” Trump said as the audience applauded. “I’d like you to stand up because, honestly, there’s nothing more I can say because I have a lot of respect for those two people. So, thank you all for being here.”