Trevor Noah’s First ‘Daily Show’ Is Incredibly Familiar, Just More Race Jokes (VIDEO)

“The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” premiered Monday night with a new face and an incredibly familiar format — just more race jokes.

Trevor Noah took the helm from longtime host Jon Stewart after months of build-up. In his opening monologue, Noah said he was incredibly grateful and determined to live up to whatever Stewart saw in him.

“I can only assume this as strange for you as it is for me. Jon Stewart was more than just a late-night host,” Noah said. “He was often our voice, our refuge and in many ways, our political dad. And it’s weird because dad has left. And now it feels like the family has a new step-dad. And he’s black… Which is not ideal.”

The South-African comedian said women and Americans were approached by the network for the job before he was, but they turned it down.

“So, once more a job Americans rejected is being done by an immigrant,” Noah said.

Watch the full episode here and Noah’s opening monologue for your moment of zen, from Comedy Central, below: