Top Gay Tea Partier Shifts From Cain To Gary Johnson

Chris Barron, chair of the gay Republicans group “GOProud,” has been a prominent supporter of Herman Cain in recent weeks. But with the news that the former pizza mogul is suspending his campaign, the tea partier and gay rights activist is throwing his support behind former New Mexico governor, Gary Johnson.

In a piece for The Daily Caller, Barron writes:

I remained a Cain supporter until the end because for me this race has always been about the message — not just the messenger. None of the allegations that surfaced over the last few weeks changed the message of his campaign one bit.

That message was a simple one: Washington is broken and it is the politicians — of all ideological and partisan stripes — who are responsible for it. If we were truly going to change Washington, we needed a candidate who would break from the conventional mold, someone who would challenge politics as usual at every turn and was offering bold solutions and big changes — not just change on the margins.

That person, he writes, is Gary Johnson.

Johnson has been stuck so low in the polls that he has barely even qualified for any of the televised debates, where a certain threshold of support has to be passed. In recent weeks he has been hinting that he would consider running in the general election on a Libertarian ticket.