Tim Kaine Splits With Obama On Breadth Of Exemption To Contraceptives Rule

Former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, who is running to replace an outgoing Sen. James Webb (D-VA), criticized the Obama administration on its new birth control rule, reports the Washington Post. In a radio interview recorded Tuesday for the “HearSay with Cathy Lewis” program on WHRV in Hampton Roads, Kaine said the following:

 “I think the White House made a good decision in including a mandate for contraception coverage in the Affordable Care Act insurance policy, but I think they made a bad decision in not allowing a broad enough religious employer exemption,” Kaine said, according to a transcript of his remarks provided by his campaign.

Ed. Note: Post updated to reflect that Gov. Tim Kaine’s main point of disagreement with the rule is that the exemption for religious groups wasn’t broad enough.