Ted Nugent To Serve As Co-Chairman Of Texas Pol’s Campaign


Promising to “raise as much hell” as he can, gun-loving rocker Ted Nugent said Tuesday that he will play a leading role in one candidate’s bid to be Texas agriculture commissioner.

Nugent told The Texas Tribune that he’s been tapped to serve as co-chairman and treasurer of former state Rep. Sid Miller’s campaign.

“I believe in guys who stand by the Constitution,” Nugent said. “I believe in guys who represent ‘we the people’ and common sense.”

According to the Tribune, Nugent was “hanging up a freshly mounted ram on the wall of his home” during the phone interview.

The intensely conservative rocker has weighed in on politics plenty in the past, making a number of incendiary remarks about Democrats and liberals. In April of 2012, he said that he “will either be dead or in jail” if President Barack Obama were re-elected, a remark that led to a meeting with the Secret Service. 

Neither dead nor incarcerated, Nugent told the Tribune what exactly he’ll be doing in his campaign role.

“I do media every day, and I’ll raise as much hell as I can,” he said.