Steve King Ad: He Says What We’re Thinkin’

Iowa Congressman Steve King, who has gained a high profile due to his scathing attacks on President Obama and the Democrats, has a new ad re-introducing himself to voters. King is in a hotly-contested race with Christie Vilsack, former First Lady of Iowa and wife of Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, with many new voters due to redistricting.

“Keen intellectual curiosity, Steve King listens, learns,” the announcer says. “Then, when he talks, he might be a little direct, but Steve says what we’re thinkin’.”

Among King’s more notable statements are his calling the Department of Agriculture’s settlement with black farmers “slavery reparations,” and his recent defense of Missouri Rep. Todd Akin — in which he said that he did not personally know any child who had become pregnant through statutory rape or incest.