Mike Allen: Spicer Threatened To Sic The Authorities On Me For Daring To Text Him

Cheriss May/SIPPL Sipa USA

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer blew up at Axios reporter Mike Allen this week when asked about his note-taking practices, threatening to call the police over Allen’s “harassment.”

Allen wrote in Axios Thursday morning that when he had learned Spicer has a propensity for taking detailed notes—something that could be of interest to special counsel Robert Mueller as he investigates President Donald Trump’s actions—he sent Spicer a text message asking about his note-taking practices at the White House.

Spicer refused to answer Allen’s questions, though.

“Mike, please stop texting/emailing me unsolicited anymore,” Spicer responded, per Allen.

Pressed by the reporter, Spicer sent another text message reading, “From a legal standpoint I want to be clear: Do not email or text me again. Should you do again I will report to the appropriate authorities.”

The former press secretary followed up with a similar email, threatening to “contact the appropriate legal authorities to address your harassment,” according to Allen.