Snowden’s Father: My Son Is No High School Dropout (VIDEO)

Lonnie Snowden, the father of the National Security Agency leak source Edward Snowden, pushed back Sunday night against claims that his son was a “high school dropout.” 

“I’m here because I’m really concerned about the misinformation in the media,” Snowden said in an interview with Fox News host Eric Bolling, which the network teased on Monday morning.

“First and foremost, every place you read is ‘high school dropout,'” he said. His son fell behind after missing four to five months of high school due to an illness, Lonnie Snowden said, but he completed his high school equivalency before he would have even graduated high school.

Bolling said his takeaway from the interview was that Snowden is “a concerned father.” When he asked Snowden to speak directly to his son, Bolling said Lonnie Snowden pleaded, “Ed, don’t leak anymore. Don’t talk anymore.”

The full interview will be rolled out throughout the day on Fox News.

[h/t Mediaite]