Short: Trump’s Not Dismissing Moore Allegations, He’s Calling Out Dems

Alex Brandon/AP

White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short said the President’s embrace of embattled Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore is less about dismissing allegations that Moore molested multiple women when they were teenagers and more about Democrats not voting for tax cuts.

Appearing on CNN’s “New Day” Monday morning, Short said Trump has “expressed concern” about the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against Moore — one of the accusers claimed she was just 14-years-old at the time of the alleged misconduct — but said Trump questions why the accusations didn’t come out sooner.

“When allegations rise 38 years later, when Roy Moore has been a very public figure for the past 38 years, he’s run multiple times statewide in Alabama, the people of Alabama need to choose and make decisions about Roy Moore’s character, that there are certain questions that come about the timing of these allegations,” he said. “So when you put all of that together, he’s encouraging people of Alabama to make the right decision.”

He also said Trump thinks it’s a “factor to consider” that no Democrats have supported the Republicans’ tax overhaul bill.

“He is also making the point that it is one of our best opportunities for tax relief, tax relief that many Democrats had said they thought the idea of reforming our corporate code made sense, we couldn’t muster any support from Democrats on a plan that provides massive tax relief for middle income families,” he said.

When CNN host Chris Cuomo argued that Moore hadn’t yet indicated that he would even support the Republicans’ tax relief bill, Short agreed.

“Moore should weigh in. I agree with you,” he said.

Just two weeks ago, Short suggested that he and Trump think the allegations against Moore are credible, saying on ABC News that if Trump “did not believe that the women’s accusations were credible, he would be down campaigning for Roy Moore,”

His comments on the Alabama Senate race Monday come after Trump tweeted saying the Republicans need Moore’s vote in order to pass “massive Tax Cuts.”