Senate Democrats Hope Fear Of Tea Party Drives Supporters To The Polls

The prospect of a tea party triumph in 2014 is the stuff of liberal nightmares, and Senate Democrats hope that fear bolsters their hopes in the midterms.

Guy Cecil, the executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, told the New York Times in a story published in Monday’s paper that the party’s majority in the upper chamber acts as a bulwark against the most conservative faction of the GOP. That, Cecil believes, should be enough to turn supporters out at the polls.

“The Democratic Senate is all that stands in the way of Tea Party control of Congress, so our supporters understand what’s at stake,” Cecil said, as quoted by the Times.

While still early in the cycle, 2014 already looks less promising to tea party insurgents than 2010 — as much of a relief to GOP incumbents as Democratic voters.

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