Sen. Wendy Davis: We Will Not Concede On Texas Abortion Bill


While many have charged that Texas state Senator Wendy Davis’ (D) marathon filibuster to block the passage of a strict abortion bill only delayed the inevitable, Davis said Sunday that she would continue to fight as Texas’ special legislative session starts Monday.

Davis led a nearly 11 hour filibuster last week that prevented an abortion bill from getting passed in the GOP-controlled Texas Senate before the end of the official legislative session. After the bill failed, Republican Gov. Rick Perry called a special legislative session starting July 1 to try once again to get the bill passed. The bill is expected to pass this time around.

“We will fight as we being the session again on Monday,” Davis said in an interview Sunday on “Meet the Press.” “I don’t think that we will concede that the battle is over.”

Davis added that the “omnibus” bill does more than just ban abortion after 20 weeks, including making it so that there are only five abortion clinics open in the entire state of Texas.


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