GOP Rep. Says Trump Should Use Twitter To Push Back Against Media

Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI), a Donald Trump supporter, on Wednesday evening said that while the President-elect could use some “restrictions” on his Twitter use, it’s appropriate for him to use his Twitter account to “push back” against media stories.

“I don’t think it’s very presidential to be up at night tweeting out. But I think Donald Trump, if he really restructures how he uses Twitter, it can be beneficial for him. If he wants to go over the media, if he wants to go over Wolf Blitzer, and talk directly to the people that you talk to, he can do that by way of Twitter and push back on some stories that he thinks is false,” Duffy told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

“But I do think you have to have some restrictions and guide rails on how you use it. But to talk about stories that are false and what’s actually happening inside the transition team, and he wants to talk directly to the American people without having a press conference, I think that’s okay,” he added.

Duffy said that Trump has shown how “effective” he is “in using Twitter to push back stories or drive stories, or drive the truth, through his Twitter feed.”

Trump has recently begun using his Twitter account again to push back against news stories about his transition team. On Wednesday morning, he pushed back against stories suggesting his transition effort is disorganized, specifically going after the New York Times.

Watch the clip of Duffy via CNN: