Scarborough: It’s Natural To Be Suspicious Of NBC’s ‘Pot-Smoking Marxists’

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough gave credence on Thursday to Republican concerns about his parent company’s planned miniseries about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, joking it was natural to be suspicious of NBC’s “pot-smoking Marxists” in California.

Scarborough’s “Morning Joe” show was hosting Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, who stopped by to talk about his threats to snub NBC on 2016 GOP presidential debates if the network moves ahead with the miniseries.

“You know us, and you know we’re fair, I’m making your point here. But you don’t know NBC Entertainment,” Scarborough said to Priebus, when discussing why the chairman was willing to appear on the MSNBC morning show despite the threats.

“I see three Republicans here for sure, who are just naturally suspicious of pot-smoking Marxists hanging out in Santa Monica, writing scripts and trying to be political,” he added.

It wasn’t the first time Scarborough had tackled the conflict this week. In an earlier discussion about it on Wednesday, the former Republican congressman declared his employer, MSNBC, is “exactly the same” as Fox News during primetime.