Ben Sasse: RNC Funding Moore Campaign Is ‘Bad’ And ‘Very Sad’

Bill Clark/CQPHO

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) on Wednesday said the Republican National Committee’s decision to restore funding for Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore after cutting ties with him last month amid sexual misconduct allegations was “very bad.”

“This is a very bad decision and very sad day,” Sasse tweeted. “I believe the women— and the RNC previously did too. What’s changed? Or is the party just indifferent?”

He said the decision sends a “terrible message” to survivors of sexual harassment and assault.

Sasse also said he would stop donating to, and fundraising for, the National Republican Senatorial Committee if it decides to contribute to Moore’s campaign.

RNC members told TPM’s Cameron Joseph on Tuesday that the committee agreed to give $50,000 to the Alabama Republican Party to bolster Moore’s campaign. Reuters reported on Tuesday, citing an unnamed RNC official, that the committee transferred another $120,000 to the state party.

As of Wednesday morning, campaign and committee contribution filings on the Federal Election Commission’s site did not reflect either of those reported transfers. The RNC last transferred $6,575 to the Alabama committee on Nov. 7.

A week later, amid mounting allegations of sexual misconduct against Moore and elected Republicans’ calls for him to step down from the race, the committee announced it was cutting ties with Moore.

In the past month, multiple women have alleged that Moore pursued relationships or made unwanted sexual contact with them years ago when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. Moore has denied all the allegations and has claimed they are political attacks on his campaign from the media, Democrats and the Republican establishment.

While the White House initially backed away from endorsing Moore amid the allegations, President Donald Trump on Monday morning fully embraced the former judge and announced on Twitter that Moore would support his agenda. In a phone call the same day, he offered his “full support.”

Trump is scheduled to host a rally for his own re-election campaign just across the Alabama state border in Pensacola, Florida, on Friday, just four days before the Dec. 12 Senate special election.