Palin: Immigrants Should ‘Speak American’ (VIDEO)


Former Republican vice presidential nominee and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday that immigrants to the United States should speak “American.”

Tapper asked Palin for her thoughts on the dispute between Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush over Bush speaking Spanish.

Trump had said that Bush should “set the example by speaking English while in the United States.”

Palin told Tapper that it was a “benefit” for Bush to be fluent in Spanish.

“On the other hand, you know, I think we can send a message and say you want to be in America, A, you’d better be here legally or you’re out of here, B, when you’re here, let’s speak American,” Palin said. “I mean that’s what’s — let’s speak English and that’s a kind of a unifying aspect of the nation is the language that is understood by all.”

Watch Palin’s comments: