HuffPost: Roy Moore’s Charity Accepted Donation From Nazi-Founded Group

Brynn Anderson/AP

Roy Moore’s charitable foundation accepted a $1,000 donation from a group founded by an open Nazi sympathizer in 2005, HuffPost reported Wednesday, citing public tax records.

The Foundation to Defend the First Amendment (FDFA) was founded by Nazi sympathizer Willis Carto, according to HuffPost.

There is no evidence Moore’s group, Foundation for Moral Law, returned the check, HuffPost reported.

Neither Moore’s foundation nor his campaign returned TPM’s requests to confirm or comment on the donation.

Moore is closely tied to Confederate sympathizers and has expressed extremely right-wing views in the past, including that homosexuality should be outlawed and that Muslims ought not be allowed to serve in Congress.

FDFA, which describes itself as a pro-free-speech organization, advertises its support for Moore and his foundation on its website.

The white-supremacist-turned-FBI-informant Todd Blodgett told HuffPost that the ideology of the people running FDFA is “Total Nazi; and notice I didn’t say neo-Nazi.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center described Carto, who died in 2015, as the “founder of several radical right publications and organizations and a major American promoter of Holocaust denial.”

In an advertisement for FDFA, a related publication, American Free Press, beseeched readers: “Every year, Liberals, Zionists and other Globalists and Internationalists write off donations to their favorite causes on their income tax returns. Now it’s YOUR TURN to do the same thing!”

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