Romney Camp Fires New Debate Coach After Concern He Took Too Much Credit For Romney’s Turnaround

On the even of his likely win in the Nevada caucuses, Mitt Romney’s campaign is airing some internal squabbles on the front page of Politico. The site reports the Romney campaign has fired Brett O’Donnell, the former aide to Michele Bachmann who came on as Romney’s new debate coach after South Carolina. From Politico:

After O’Donnell was identified last week as advising Romney and then highlighted in subsequent news accounts as being one of the reasons behind the former Massachusetts governor’s improved debate performances, Romney campaign officials grew uneasy.

O’Donnell received phone calls late last week from two Romney advisers — campaign manager Matt Rhoades and informal adviser Charlie Black — where it was made clear that there was severe discomfort about how his role was being portrayed in the media and that he ought to tread lightly.